What do you do when you arrive to class early?

Many athletes arrive at CFW 5-10 minutes early in order to get in some extra training. For those of you who are new or just not quite sure what to do in those extra minutes, here are some ideas.

Nearly everyone in the gym has a certain issue or body part that could use a little love. Let’s face it the older you get the more “warmed up” you need to be before beginning a workout. Mobility is a great place to start because you are dynamically stretching and targeting a tight area. The easiest solution would be to grab a band and one of the posters on the wall, which target various problem areas. Follow the pictures and descriptions and spend 5-10 minutes on it. The difference made everyday over a two- week period will be quite noticeable. There are also numerous YouTube videos on the subject of mobility. I recommend Kelly Starrett, physical therapist and CrossFit coach, and Range of Motion. Both are good references for quick tips and videos on mobilization.

The frequently sought-after double under is always a good place to spend 5-10 minutes of practice. Jump ropes are always available, and you can usually find a space inside or outside to work on these. There is no magic recipe for getting the double under. Any experienced crossfitter will tell you that it takes PRACTICE.

More than half of the new people entering CrossFit Warehouse cannot do a pull up. They take work in building the muscles in the upper body and extra practice to utilize those muscles in performing a pull-up. Many athletes have succeeded with pull-ups by following a 5 week detailed program. See Mary if you are interested in that program. Another great place to begin is at Coach Cristen’s monthly push pull class. She will assess your skill level and prescribe individual homework for you to complete during those extra free minutes at the gym.

GYMNASTICS practice is always a good place to start since many of us haven’t performed gymnastics skills since elementary school. Carl Paoli, a former Olympic athlete, has an in depth series of free videos on most gymnastics movements with progressions. Our own coach, Jose Dominguez, will also be hosting a gymnastics clinic on May 20th from 1-2:30pm. All skill levels are invited. Email info@crossfitwarehouse.net to reserve a space by May 16th.

Last, but not least,you can on occasion stop and talk to one of the great people at CFW and get ready to enjoy your workout!

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