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How did you get into fitness and/or CrossFit?
I’ve always been an athlete. In my early childhood to my teens I was a competitive gymnast. The competitiveness has stuck with me since. After joining the Marine Corps, I needed something to uphold the physical standards of the Marine Corps and that’s how I found CrossFit.

How long have you been doing CrossFit?
5 years

What made you want to become a CrossFit Trainer?
I decided I wanted to be a CrossFit trainer pretty early on. There are many reasons but to name a few. One, I wanted to be more involved in the community. In CrossFit, they are more than just athletes, they are a second family. Second, my first CrossFit Coach, he was encouraging, supportive and motivating and would never shy away from a question or help needed. Anytime I got a new movement or a PR he was always there, and at times, more excited than I was and with a camera (reminding me of my mother)! I remember how that made me feel as an athlete, a person and as a friend and I strive to impact athletes just
as he did with me and so many others.

What are some of the things you are proudest of accomplishing in and outside the gym?
I know some may disagree with my proudest accomplishments considering my championships with gymnastics but for me, definitely being a United States Marine. Inside the gym, would definitely be that first muscle up!

What are some of your goals you have yet to accomplish but hope someday?
Due to a back injury (not endured from CrossFit) I haven’t been able to perform at an athlete level. Having back surgery not too long ago I hope to get back into my competitive nature! I am planning on getting my LVL II and Programming Cert so I can test my creative side.

What CrossFit movements would make up your favorite WOD?
Heavy cleans and gymnastics movements! Handstand push-ups, Pull ups etc.

What is your favorite music or favorite song to listen to while doing a WOD?
I’m definitely a fan of alternative/metal when I WOD. You will most likely catch my working out to Five Finger Death Punch, Korn, Slipknot, Disturbed etc.

CrossFit Lv 1
Judge Cert
Gymnastics Cert
NASM certified

State champion 1998, 2001 and 2002
National Champion Floor and All Around 2012
Warrior boxing/First Law Boxing in 2010
Counter Strike MMA 2012
Kickboxing instructor for ILKB 2014-2015