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How did you get into fitness and or CrossFit?
I started in 2010 as a personal trainer shortly after starting my pro wrestling career. I started CrossFit shortly after seeing it more online and looked like a perfect way to help get me in better shape for wrestling. Turned out i liked training CrossFit more than any other type of fitness routine.

How long have you been doing CrossFit?
8 + years

What made you want to become a CrossFit Trainer?
I have always been interested in training in general. I was a personal trainer and gym owner before i went full time as a crossfit coach. I love to help with the process of getting someone better.

What are some of the things you are most proud of accomplishing in and outside the gym?
Pro Wrestling was always my childhood dream and to this day accomplished more than i ever could have imagined. From sold out shows of 10,000 people , wrestling my hero’s and television appearances for MTV, WGN etc.

What are some of your goals you have yet to accomplish but hope to someday?
I really want to see what is my true maximum potential in the areas of endurance. Marathon or triathlon.

What CrossFit movements would make up your favorite WOD?
Dumbbell Snatch, deadlifts & double unders

What is your favorite music or favorite song to listen to while doing a WOD?
The Sweet sounds of my husky body weezing.


Crossfit L1 Trainer
USAW L1 (Olympic Weightlifting)
10 years’ experience as a professional wrestler
Former personal training studio owner

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