FEBRUARY 2023 | Norv Nicholls

Age: I am 84

In my earlier life, I was a trumpet player…I played with the big-bands in Chicago all those years. I was also a grade school music teacher in Bellwood IL. My claim to fame: As a member of the Russ Carlyle Orchestra,I played a big formal dinner at the officer’s club of the Air Force Academy. 

I was born and raised in Nebraska. As a kid, over the weekends, my dad and I would drive down to grandpa’s farm and help him harvest the corn crop. During those years it was all done by hand…one ear of corn at a time. 

With the three of us, we could do three rows at a time. You would snap off an ear of corn, rip off the husk and toss the ear up into grandpa’s awaiting wagon…one ear at a time…

It’s true…I am a real, authentic cornhusker! 

Occupation: Retired

How did you learn about CrossFit Warehouse?
I have had a long-time gym membership at Apollo Park, 125th and Kostner, Alsip (mostly cable machines) During the COVID lockdown, I was not allowed to go to Apollo so during the hiatus, I did a Google search and found CrossFit Warehouse, which is close to my house.

How has Strong4Life changed your life, lifestyle and level of fitness? 
One thing I’ve learned: I can push myself harder than I thought….I used to stop working out when I felt like I had had enough, but now know I can push myself harder.

List short/long-term goals you would like to accomplish through Strong4Life:
I want to maintain and to increase my physical fitness over the long haul

What do you like most about Strong4Life?
The instructors are very patient with my less-than-stellar performance

What is your favorite movement?
Rowing, ring-rows

What is your least favorite movement?
Cycling…the seat hurts my tushie

What movements would make up your favorite workout?
Rowing, ring-rows, kettlebells, medicine balls

What are you currently doing to try to improve your diet?
I have been following the Ketogenic diet for some time. I am currently following the Pescetarian diet, which is the same, except I get all my protein from fish of all kinds. I am also into fasting, and I take vitamins and supplements.

Favorite movie:
• Schindler’s List
• Chinatown
• Godfather part 12
• Close Encounters
• Saving Private Ryan
• The Last Detail
• One Flew OVer the Cuckoo’s Nest
• And how could you forget It’s a Wonderful Life, with Jimmy Stweard and Donna Reed (1946)
It’s hard to pick a favorite…you’re comparing apples to oranges…good in their own way…just different!

In the meantime, what about all those ancient 1950’s flicks with Edward G. Robinson, George Raft, Humphrey Bogart, Betty Davis….gangster flicks….what fun!

Favorite music artist/band:
Anything recorded by Duke Ellington’s big band
Maurice Andre, plays baroque trumpet concertos

Favorite song to work out to:
Anything on the CrossFit Warehouse playlist

Achievements you’d like to highlight within your life: 

Raised two step-children who grew up to be delightful young adults

List a few things we don’t know about you:
I buy houses…fix em up….rent ‘em out or sell ‘em….then move on…Currently, I’m living in my eleventh house

In 10 words or less, what does Strong4Life mean to you? 
Learning to do exercises that I wouldn’t have known about

What advice would you give to someone looking to join Strong4LIfe for the first time?
With the professional instructors they have…you can’t go wrong!! 

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