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How long have you been doing CrossFit?
I found CrossFit in 2011 after hearing my friends discuss their awesome results and all around love for the sport.

How did you get into fitness and or CrossFit?
I was never into playing sports and certainly did not enjoy working out much before CrossFit. I knew the workouts would not be easy but I was up for the challenge and ready to make some positive changes. With the help of my CrossFit community, determination, and consistency with diet and exercise, I was able to progress over the years.

What made you want to become a CrossFit Trainer?
In 2015, after witnessing first-hand the positive changes (physically, mentally, emotionally
and socially) CrossFit had on my life, I made the decision to begin coaching to inspire others that anyone is capable of doing CrossFit and changing their lives for the better, regardless of their prior athletic ability. I hope that my story will inspire the everyday person who may not have a fitness background but is looking to challenge themselves and join CrossFit.

 What are some of your goals you have yet to accomplish but hope to someday?
Outside of the gym I teach students with disabilities (ages 18-21) the knowledge and skills necessary to transition into adulthood.  One current goal I have is to incorporate CrossFit into the school day as a way for all students to be involved in fitness and hopefully motivate the students to continue using CrossFit in their daily lives as they transition into adulthood. Currently, we have started the first Special Olympics weightlifting team at my school and have students working inside a CrossFit gym for employment. Nothing makes me happier than exposing others to my love of CrossFit in any capacity and watching them take off! Prior to starting a family I spent 1.5 years focusing specifically on weightlifting with the goal of competing in a weightlifting meet. While I have yet to accomplish this goal, I plan to achieve this in the near future.Inside the gym you will find me up bright and early at the 5am class.

What is your favorite music or favorite song to listen to while doing a WOD?
My perfect class would be listening to 90’s music while completing any workout that has gymnastics in it.

What CrossFit movements would make up your favorite WOD?
The clean and jerk and or snatch.


Crossfit L1 Trainer