JUNE 2022 | Belinda Luna 

Age: 45

Occupation: Stay at home mom for the past 12 years.  I also do baking on the side.

How did you learn about CrossFit Warehouse? A family friend bought the gym she attended because it was going to close.  

How has CrossFit Warehouse changed your life, lifestyle, and level of fitness? I started Personal Training at CFW when I lost my younger brother.  It helped me work through the grief, pain and fear.  I have been able to build confidence and work through anxiety.  My physical and mental health have improved beyond measure.

List short/long term goals you would like to accomplish through CrossFit Warehouse:  Let’s see, working on losing another 25 lbs and would like to do a 5K by the end of this summer.  Long term would to be to reach my goal weight, move past my scaled WOD’s 

What do you like most about CrossFit Warehouse?  The members. There are so many wonderful and amazing individuals at CFW.  I love my 8 am class.  

What is your favorite CrossFit movement?  I am going with deadlifts.

What is your least favorite CrossFit movement?  Burpees.  

What movements would make up your Favorite WOD? Deadlift or Power Clean with the wonderful Echo Bike

What are you currently doing to try to improve your diet?  I am working on my 4th month with the nutrition coaches at CFW.  Eating well balanced meals.

Favorite movie: Hacksaw Ridge

Favorite music artist/band:  Love all sorts of music genres.  One of my favorite songs is… My Story by Big Daddy Weave

Favorite song to work out to: 80’s/90’s Rock

Achievements you’d like to highlight within your life:  My children.  Belicia who turns 25 this month.  She’s a graduate of SXU and now works there.  Matthew who just turned 12.

List a few things we don’t know about you:  I talk a lot, so I don’t think there’s anything y’all don’t know.  

In 10 words or less, what does CF mean to you?  I love it, it literally saved my life.

What advice would you give to someone looking to join Crossfit for the first time? Do it!  I have found the best version of me.  It has brought me so much joy and accomplishment.

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