Age: 30
Occupation: Spanish Teacher
In general, what is your athletic background? Does dodging the ball during dodge ball count as some athletic background? ☺ I actually have cero to non-existent athletic background. Growing up my mom did not want me to be part of any sports because the doctor told her that it would affect a condition of the heart that I had growing up. Before coming to CrossFit Warehouse my “athleticism” consisted of doing the elliptical for 45 minutes followed by some mediocre weight lifting on the machines.

How did you learn about CrossFit Warehouse? I just googled CrossFit and this amazing place showed up.

How has CrossFit Warehouse changed your life, lifestyle, and level of fitness? I don’t even know were to start. It has changed my life completely as well as my lifestyle. When I don’t go to class I feel like I wasn’t purposeful or productive during the day even though I taught 120 students some español.
I don’t think I have ever been this fit in my life and I actually care about what I eat! When Whole 30 was introduced to the box last year, I saw the opportunity to better myself and begin seeing some gains. Along with eating healthy and being active, I have lost 35lbs and you can actually see some muscles!

List short/long term goals you would like to accomplish through CrossFit Warehouse:
I have a lot of them on days! Hehe To be honest I just want to better myself physically and mentally through the workouts at CrossFit Warehouse.

What do you like most about CrossFit Warehouse?
The PEOPLE and the POSTIVE environment make CrossFit Warehouse a unique place. There is not one person that doesn’t genuinely care about you and encourage you to strive for the best.

What is your favorite CrossFit movement? Deadlift, back squats, and KBS.

What is your least favorite CrossFit movement? Least favorite movement: wallballs and burpees.

Favorite WOD: I don’t currently have a favorite WOD because they are all so good.

What are you currently doing to try to improve your diet? I am on my third round of Whole 30 and in between trying to have a “Paleoish” diet going on.

Favorite movie: “The Notebook” (I am sucker for romantic movies)
Favorite and/or current book: A Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel García Márquez and Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes (which was the novel that inspired me to become a Spanish Teacher)

Favorite music genre/artist: Country, Bachata and Classical music goes pop

Achievements you’d like to highlight within your life: Finishing my master’s degree while teaching full time, and being able to do my first push-up.

List a few things we don’t know about you:
I don’t know how to play any sports nor know their rules.

In 10 words or less, what does CF mean to you? The impossible can become possible; put your heart into it.

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