personal training


Personalized instruction means that every second of your gym time is devoted to meeting your needs. Your personal coach can help you build a specific skill set, strengthen weak areas, gain a competitive edge in your sport, and stay motivated to reach your goals.



Train on your own time with the coach of your choosing. Our coaches work around your schedule, not the other way around.


Whether or not you have goals already, your coach can help you make them concrete and achievable. Our coaches can lay out a plan to meet your targets in the time you want.


With a personal coach, the focus is 100% on you! You'll get 1-on-1 attention to ensure you meet your goals.


Not only will your coach help you transform your health, but they'll teach you how to maintain those results.

Our Coaches

Julian Cintron

Personal Trainer

How did you get into fitness and or CrossFit?
Born and raised into this lifestyle, no choice. LOL

What made you want to become a Trainer?
I love fitness and have been working out hard for years now and it changed my life completely for the better. I wanted to be part of that same journey for others, so becoming a trainer was only the next natural step for me to take.

What do you love most about coaching?
Getting to see the members from the beginning of their journey and into it as they start to see changes and become more confident and amazed at what they have accomplished so far. It’s a wonderful feeling.

What are some of the things you are most proud of accomplishing in and outside the gym?
Inside the gym, I am most proud of being able to finally get the body that I have wanted for years, of course with extremely hard work and dialed in nutrition. Outside of the gym I am most proud of completing the Chicago Marathon 2019.

What are some of your goals you have yet to accomplish but hope to someday?
Move to some place warm. Have my own successful business soon and make a lot of money.

What is your favorite music or favorite song to listen to while doing a WOD?
Any Trap music. Favorite song to work out to is freestyle by lil Baby.

Qualifications: ISSA Certified, CFL1


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