Teen Barbell


Teen Barbell is a specialized Olympic Weightlifting class for ages 13 to 17.

Our vision at CrossFit Warehouse is to build a community of fit and strong teens. Youth that strive to live a healthy lifestyle, be better athletes, better students, and better young men, better young women, better friends and better neighbors. 

Functional fitness shouldn’t just be for adults.

Whether your young ones /teens are preparing for sports or just looking to stay active and healthy, our kids CF Warehouse Teen Barbell Club classes teaches weightlifting to improve capacity for the Snatch and the Clean and Jerk, and develop the technique and skills needed to be proficient in these movement

What should you expect in a class?

In each class we will teach a warm up, technique drills, strength movements, and general physical preparedness exercises to help each student develop their abilities into a healthy lifestyle.

Course designed and instructed by USA Weightlifting L1 and Burgener Strength L1 Certified Trainer Ray Garcia
Click here for his bio: https://crossfitwarehouse.net/ray-garcia/



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Teen Barbell with Coach Ray