Go with the “flow”

This “flow state” has been defined as the experience of being so absorbed by an engaging task that your attention is completely held by it. You generally lose sense of time, self-consciousness, and anything that doesn’t have to do with the task at hand. In flow, you feel as if you could keep doing whatever you’re doing forever.

That led to thinking more about what our athletes are thinking during wods. That paved way to conversations about DISTRACTIONS and MINDSET.

So let’s talk about that.

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In the planning stages of our current location, there was one feature that stood out above all. We agreed that the inside space was great, BUT the question remained…”How do we access the outside?”

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Practice Makes Permanent

If you’re a current member at Warehouse, you know that a portion of what is prescribed for the day includes a slow and methodical approach to the programmed movements. What is on the whiteboard and what your coach is walking you through is intentional. Like

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Remember your first day in the gym?

I bet you do.Do you remember telling all of your family and friends that you were going to try out this place that does this bootcamp type thing? “Looks crazy, but I’m so excited.” You were nervous but you were looking forward to what this

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