OCTOBER 2022 | Julian Mora


Occupation: Student

How did you learn about CrossFit Warehouse? 
I learned about CrossFit Warehouse from my mom who was dedicated into putting me into the program she knew I would enjoy 

How has CrossFit Warehouse changed your life, lifestyle, and level of fitness?
CrossFit Warehouse has changed my life by being far stronger than I’ve ever thought of achieving and realizing the potential as kids having dreams,turning them into a reality with hard work and dedication.my lifestyle greatly improved by eating right and mentally preparing myself to focus on what was ahead of me. 

List short/long term goals you would like to accomplish through CrossFit Warehouse:
long term goals I would like to accomplish through CrossFit warehouse is always pushing myself to my very best everyday of my life being mentally and physically stronger every single day as a never ending goal.

What do you like most about CrossFit Warehouse?
what I like the most about CrossFit Warehouse is how it treats you like a family I deeply appreciate and that you’re never alone as we are in it together.

What is your favorite CrossFit movement?
My favorite CrossFit movement is muscle ups and deadlifts if we brought it back to the teens class.

What is your least favorite CrossFit movement?
My least favorite CrossFit movement is overhead squats.

What movements would make up your Favorite WOD?
Muscle-ups /variations 
2 mile runs 

What are you currently doing to try to improve your diet?
What I am currently doing to try to improve my diet is eating lots of chicken 

Favorite movie:
Sonic the hedgehog 2

Favorite music artist/band:

Favorite song to work out to:

Achievements you’d like to highlight within your life:
My achievements I would like to highlight within my life is being able to do 7 hours of the all nighter at CrossFit, and being able to run 10 miles without stopping last week in 1:50

In 10 words or less, what does CF mean to you?
CF means a symbol of strength to me.

What advice would you give to someone looking to join Crossfit for the first time? 
Advice I would give to someone looking to join CrossFit for the first time is that to not be afraid of intimidation because at one point we’ve all been there and grown with others to help get in life and I know you would to.           

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