Remember your first day in the gym?

I bet you do.
Do you remember telling all of your family and friends that you were going to try out this place that does this bootcamp type thing? “Looks crazy, but I’m so excited.” You were nervous but you were looking forward to what this step meant to your future self.

It meant change and it was scary.

Maybe you have never been afraid to try new things and you’ve been in athletics and fitness most of your life. Maybe you showed up looking for a “challenge.” Maybe you were dragged into the gym by someone you know. Maybe your last doctor’s visit didn’t go so well. 

Whatever brought you to the gym, I bet you found something more than what you expected.

Did you find a way to make sure you were as comfortable as possible before you showed up?

Maybe you had a buddy that decided to take the leap with you. Maybe you already knew someone there. Maybe you chose to workout for a while before you walked in, so you wouldn’t “embarrass” yourself.

I bet, in hindsight, you realized that comfort wasn’t what you needed.

If you were lucky enough to know what CrossFit truly was, then maybe you walked in knowing that there would be staff to greet you, a coach to lead you and a community to support you.

You were expecting to be challenged.

Get comfortable being uncomfortable.”
“Find your inner athlete.” “Unleash the best version of yourself.” “Move better, not faster.” “Trust the process.” “Low trajectory to a distant future.” “Think about what you will be next year….5 years.”

That’s what Veronica Romero, owner of CrossFit Warehouse, has been preaching to anyone who will listen and that’s what makes CrossFit and Warehouse, fitness home to many, so special.

The vision at CrossFit Warehouse is that of transformation.

Yes, we can be transactional and help anyone achieve a short-term fitness goal, but we are in the process of changing lives….for generations to come.

How do we measure success? That’s a tough one, because real change happens over time and we’ve already witnessed generational impact.

We’ve seen families adopt better lifestyles. We’ve seen the “quiet as a mouse” types roar like lions and victims become warriors.

We believe that EVERYONE has an “inner athlete” and we are in the business of helping you unleash the best version of yourself, one hour at a time.

Pictured: Joanna Garcia,
CFW Athlete of the month for January.

We will all face adversity in any moment of our lives. How do we respond to that challenge?

Do you remember the last time you were truly uncomfortable?

If it is in the controlled environment of CrossFit, facing a workout that you KNOW will hurt, but you grind through and finish it, alongside other like-minded individuals who are facing the same scenario…AWESOME. That is by design.

Did you not do as well as you wanted to?

You’ll learn that that’s ok, because you’re gonna try again tomorrow, and the next day and so on….s l o w l y you’re going to realize that your body will adapt to the obstacles. You will grow. Physically and yes, mentally. You will understand how you can be capable of so much more than you ever thought was possible.

This is our collective journey and this is ingrained into the culture of the CrossFit Warehouse community.

“Our mission at Warehouse is to create and lead an inclusive community that Empowers individuals to unleash the best version of themselves, while providing the best hour of their day”

If you are a current athlete at Warehouse, ask yourself this one question… How do I empower within the community?

NEVER forget your first day in the gym. Don’t forget what brought you here and never forget how uncomfortable change can be. Keep in mind that Warehouse staff and coaches are in the business of transforming your life and the lives around you.

Know that we care. Each and every one of your experiences every hour of every day means something to us. We hope that the experience of others means something to all of you too. 

Staff will greet you and we will guide and lead you. We need every one of you to continue to support each other for this to truly work.

That is a community that loves, empowers and transforms.

That is Crossfit Warehouse.

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