*My apologies and empathy to anyone who loves the winter and cold weather.

This post is a shoutout to those who count the days to when we can officially put our coats in storage. 

One decade and two locations ago, a select few of you may recall that Warehouse 1 had a long rusty bar that spanned across the opening of the backside of a tiny gym.

As a member, you would walk under this span of steel pipe with reverence as it held memories of your first pull-up, toes to bar or maybe even your very first muscle-up.

Not only was this bar a collection of DNA, chalk, sweat and oxidation but it was a gateway to warmer days. Walking past that bar and into the back alleyway of those factories felt like we stepped into a sunny playground.

Fast forward to Warehouse 2…

Maybe you remember a concrete sloped ramp at the backside of the gym. It was a path that extended the small wall mounted rig from Warehouse 1 into another back alleyway spanning across factories that branched out into our running paths. 

Warehouse 3, our current facility, essentially houses all the best parts of Warehouse 1 & 2 within.

The wall-mounted rig is now the center rig in our “small gym”. The “big gym” is everything Warehouse 2 was and beyond. 

In the planning stages of our current location, there was a feature that stood out above all. We agreed that the inside space was great, BUT ONE QUESTION REMAINED…

Warehouse 1 gave us access to workout space behind the gym. Warehouse 2 and 3 have one main feature in common...CAN YOU GUESS WHAT IT IS?

Let’s imagine two scenarios. Both kinda suck in the moment and if you’ve been around for at least a year, you will probably agree that one feels just a little different.

Scenario 1. It’s March and it’s still 25 degrees outside. Let’s assume you just gave your all during an 11 minute EMOM of squat cleans and lateral bar burpees. You’re laying on your back as you stare at the ceiling fans that just don’t seem to help because the gym was already too hot when you walked in. Post-wod highlight: one of your gym buddies just came by for a fist bump, then extended their arm to lift you up. You accept revealing your beautiful sweat angel. Coach saw it and told you that you should sign it and take a pic for the Gram.  8)

Scenario 2. It’s mid-May and it’s 70 degrees, class is set up outside. The thought just crossed your mind that Murph is around the corner (you’re a lil nervous). You were able to wake up early this day so the sun just came up when you got to the gym. You completed a version of the workout “Helen”  which included running, kettlebell swings and pullups…but this one was FIVE rounds and you had to complete each round in under 4:00…OUCH. The workout is now over and you’re laying on your back. You notice the moon to one side of the sky and the sun to the other and you’re a bit in awe of this spectacle. Birds fly across your gaze and you’re hit by a breeze that feels wonderful. Your buddy comes by for a fist bump then extends their arm to help you up. You kindly refuse because you just want to lay down and be still for another minute.


Yes, we still have fun inside during the colder months while we grind away, every day. We work hard and it can definitely feel like we can leave a small piece of our souls behind on the gym floor.

There is a time, however, where our hard work just feels a little more like play. We all know what the opening of the garage door represents…


As the garage doors opened in Warehouse 1 and 2, we truly felt like we walked from the inside of the gym into a sunny playground. Our current facility is no exception and the experience that is in store for all current members will create memories that will last a lifetime. 

As we enter into the summer months at Warehouse, we open up our gym to the outside world. We open our gym to a FRONT WORKOUT SPACE. 

Scenario 2 wouldn’t be possible without our front lot. This is part of the magic of Warehouse 3 as Veronica Romero has gone a step further and placed scaffolding stations (including our beloved thick pullup bars) and gym mats across the entire font lot for a whole new outside workout experience. 

Maybe some of you are members now because you drove by and saw people doing something that looked “cool” with a barbell as you cruised down 115th street. Maybe you saw what looked like a coach yelling at a group of people to “KEEP MOVING”.

These people pushed to the last second and cheered each other on if they finished early. People walked around giving fist bumps and high-fives to each other when it was over. Maybe the workout looked tough but everyone looked happy.

All of this while enjoying the warm weather.

Summer hits different at CrossFit Warehouse and if you haven’t experienced it yet, you’re in luck, because SUMMER IS AROUND THE CORNER. 

Over the next month, the garage door will open and unfortunately, it won’t stay open forever. As you walk into the outside world, take a moment to soak it all in with gratitude and reverence.

Maybe you’ll notice a few of us long-timers looking up as we cross the threshold to pay homage to that imaginary rusty bar that spans the garage door.  8)

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